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The Stranger Than Fiction Podcast with Cole Troisi, is a weekly podcast featured here and on ITunes under the comedy section. Each week podcast host Cole Troisi sits down with a guest to discuss the most bizarre, intense or hilarious moments from their lives. Some weeks are a laugh riot, others are a very serious discussion, but no matter what, all the stories are true. Stranger Than Fiction updates every Wednesday. Please go and subscribe to the show to get the automatic download each week in your podcast feed.


On episode 4, I talk to Courtney about self destruction, and redemption all before the age of 18.

Stranger Than Fiction Podcast


What Color Is Your Aura?

On episode 3 I sit down with model Lauren Lewis to talk about being a model, seeing ghosts, and what color our auras are.

Stranger Than Fiction Podcast



On episode two of Stranger Than Fiction I talk to actress and improv comedian Danielle Zappi. We discuss sex, relationships, and the weird things people yell when they do it.

Stranger Than Fiction Podcast

Dip, Dip, Potato Chip

On the pilot episode of Stranger Than Fiction I talk to U.S Army Vet Shea Fraiser about growing up hard, joining the Army, seeing a donkey show, and a threesome that ends with a suicide.

Stranger Than Fiction Podcast


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